Cargill invests $15M in French alginate plant

Cargill is investing $15 million in a plant near the coast in France that turns seaweed into alginate. The investment at the plant in Lannilis, Brittany, will include some sustainability features such as more efficient waste-water processing. The company said it works closely with local fishermen to ensure a secure and sustainable source of fresh brown seaweed, from which the alginate is extracted. The product is used by a number of industries; pharma often uses it as a thickening agent, providing textures like viscosity or chewability, but also for more sophisticated uses. Researchers from several U.S. institutions have created a "smart" nanoparticle that uses alginate as part of an insulin delivery process that reacts to changes in blood chemistry and releases the protein when needed for up to 10 days at a time. Release | More