B. Braun completes 30,000-liter solutions plant in Spain

Pharmaceutical solutions and medical devicemaker B. Braun has added a plant at its production center in Barcelona, Spain, where it will make parenteral solutions. The plant is designed to provide a continuous production process and includes four 30,000-liter manufacturing tanks and two 15,000-liter tanks, which will feed into three lines for bottling the solutions used to feed patients unable to feed themselves. The tanks have magnetic stirring and interior product re-circulation. Management of construction of the Lean Infusion Factory Technology (LIFT) plant was overseen by Telstar, which developed the early engineering, built and supplied the plant, and did the startup validation on the facility. B. Braun, which has its world headquarters in Melsungen, Germany, recently opened a 32,000-square-foot compounding pharmacy in Allentown, PA. Its U.S. headquarters is in Bethlehem, PA. Release | More