Planning and implementing biomarker testing for immuno-oncology trials

Foundations laid by important cancer biology and immunology research throughout the last decades have led to game-changing clinical breakthroughs in the field of immuno-oncology. However, a deep understanding of the intricate workings of the anti-tumor immune response is required to fully harness and apply the power of immuno-oncology, and this is still a work-in-progress. With mechanisms still partially veiled and hypotheses emerging from all angles, one thing is clear – immuno-oncology is complex, and this has brought new challenges to all corners of drug development, including clinical biomarker testing.

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You’ll also learn:

  • How advanced technologies, such as RNA-Sequencing, are transforming clinical trials for better outcomes
  • Successful companion diagnostic case studies
  • How key research fields, such as genomics, anatomic pathology and flow cytometry, drive successful immuno-oncology clinical studies



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