Next Door CDO Partner: Samsung Biologics Expands Global Footprint with Opening of its First US CDO R&D Center in San Francisco

Samsung Biologics opened the doors to its first-ever US CDO R&D Center in San Francisco, setting the stage to bring its contract development services closer to global biotech clients. Located at the center of a leading US biocluster, the new Center represents the company’s strategy to maximize client satisfaction and provide immediate convenience from the San Francisco Bay Area through its distinguished one-stop service process.

With the new US location, Samsung Biologics CDO efforts will be bolstered considerably. The advanced technology and client-centric services offered at the Center will greatly facilitate real-time collaboration and streamlined processes with its US-based clients.

Your Next Door CDO Partner

As the homebase for many biotech and pharmaceutical companies, San Francisco has become one of the fastest developing and active bioclusters in the world. Samsung Biologics chose the Bay Area as its first overseas expansion site to bring its seamless one-stop service right next to its clients in the heart of the South San Francisco biocluster while ensuring smooth service transition from its headquarters in Incheon, South Korea.

“Samsung Biologics is embarking on a new decade of global expansion to meet our clients at their door,” said Tae Han Kim, CEO of Samsung Biologics. “Our new CDO R&D Center will provide real-time interaction and allow us to be geographically closer to our potential and existing clients in order to better serve their needs and provide maximum client satisfaction.”

The facility will provide the same CDO capabilities that have already set Samsung Biologics apart from its competitors in the market.

One-Stop Innovation on The Global Stage

Samsung Biologics recognized early on that in this new biomanufacturing era, it must go beyond the industry standard to stay ahead: pushing technological innovation to enhance its global competitiveness and implementing a “one-stop service” business model incorporating CDO, CMO, and CRO.

Leveraging operational excellence backed by its award winning client satisfaction, the Center will support clients of all sizes from the early stages of discovery to the manufacturing of drug products in a shorter development time.

Since its launch, the Samsung Biologics CDO business has been growing rapidly, contracting nearly 60 projects within just two years. Recognized as CMO Champion in 2020 for its excellence in capabilities and reliability, the company’s goal is to become CDO champion by 2025. It also plans to start a full-scale CRO business with Discovery Research Services in 2021.

In August this year, Samsung Biologics also launched its own proprietary cell line S-CHOice to strengthen and diversify its cell line development product offerings. The cell line has shown improved titers up to two-fold from industry average, reaching above 7g/L for standard monoclonal antibodies and enhanced cell viability with over 90% at day-21 in a fed-batch study.

Samsung Biologics launches S-CHOice cell line expression technology

The company emphasizes that with its experts working “next-door”, the newly opened San Francisco CDO R&D Center will bridge the physical gap between Samsung Biologics and its biotech clients to provide seamless, one-stop service with optimized satisfaction and even greater convenience.

Taking Business to The Next Level

As the industry demand for biomanufacturing grows and global pharmaceutical companies expand their usage of outsourcing services, Samsung Biologics announced in August its intention to build a $2-billion “Super Plant” as part of its long-term strategy to maximize operational efficiency and scale up its capabilities.

The new manufacturing facility will have the world’s largest manufacturing capacity at a single site—adding 256KL capacity to its Incheon Bio Campus to bring its total capacity to 620KL—and will break ground within the year.

The new plant will not only offer multi-scale manufacturing services to better support the clients in need of smaller scales, but it will also introduce real-time production schedule simulation.

Samsung Biologics plots $2B ‘super plant’ as COVID-19 sends sales through the roof

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Samsung Biologics shows no signs of slowing down in both its sales and business development. The company has signed a $362 million contract, the largest single contract since its establishment, to manufacture Vir Biotechnology’s monoclonal antibody program as a potential treatment for COVID-19 as well as a $331 million contract with AstraZeneca and a $231 million contract with GlaxoSmithKline.

Samsung scores $362M deal to help Vir scale up COVID-19 antibody production
GlaxoSmithKline hands Samsung Biologics $231M to scale up manufacturing
AstraZeneca, Samsung reach $331M biologics manufacturing deal and amid Korean CMO’s expansion push

Samsung Biologics sees high growth potential in the San Francisco CDO R&D Center as the company continues to hire bio experts and expands its contract development business to also encompass discovery. The company announced plans to introduce R&D Centers in Boston, Europe, and China to be next door to its clients around the world. As the need for faster and better service grows, Samsung Biologics is positioned to take its unparalleled innovation into the next decade and beyond.

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