Xyrem - Jazz Pharmaceuticals

Cost: $143,604 per U.S. patient per year

Xyrem isn't just plain important for Jazz Pharmaceuticals ($JAZZ). It generates more than half the company's revenue, so it's really, really important. And to keep that revenue coming, Jazz has been raising Xyrem's price--over and over.

According to Bloomberg data, this year Xyrem costs $19.40 per 1-milliliter dose, up from just $2.04 in 2007--an 841% jump. And it's those price hikes that accounted for most of last year's sales growth, according to the Irish company's annual report. Volume increased by 12% last year, with the price rocking up by nearly one-third.

In turn, Jazz boasts a pretty attractive annual profit margin of 54.4%, Investor's Business Daily reported in August. That's one of the best margins out there, the publication said--and not just among pharma companies.

Plenty of other drugmakers have taken note. Jazz routinely makes the list of pharma's top takeover targets, and its Irish address hasn't hurt, either. Whether new U.S. rules on tax inversions change that remains to be seen.

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-- Carly Helfand (email | Twitter)

Xyrem - Jazz Pharmaceuticals

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