Wyeth - Top 13 Ad Budgets

Company:  Wyeth wyeth.jpg
2007 Ad Spending: $1.078 billion
2006 Ad Spending: $1.051 billion


  • Magazines: $94.7 million
  • Newspaper: $9.1 million
  • Outdoor: $400,000
  • TV: $296.4 million
  • Radio: $19.8 million
  • Internet: $14.7 million

Where Wyeth is spending money: While other companies spent big on direct to consumer advertising, Wyeth took the more indirect approach. The company spent $16.7 million promoting KnowMenopause.com, a website educating women about menopause and the company's HRT drug. It also shelled out $13.7 million on Yourtimeforchange.com, a website that discusses depression and treatment options (Yourtimforchange.com is no longer on the web).

Web aside, $59.6 million was spent on promoting Wyeth's biologic Enbrel, which treats rheumatoid arthritis, among other ailments. The most money by far ($114M) went to Advil advertising. Wyeth also boosted the vitamin brand Centrum's budget 44.5 percent. The biggest jump, however, was for the hormone replacement therapy Prempro, which saw a spending increase of 249 percent.

Where Wyeth isn't spending money: Enbrel advertising dropped 14.7 percent in 2007. Like many other drugmakers, Wyeth's image advertising dropped significantly, falling 63 percent.

Wyeth - Top 13 Ad Budgets