Worst Pharma Stocks of 2007

When we set out last week to identify the best-performing pharma stocks of 2007, we could resist scrolling to the bottom of the spreadsheet to see what happened on the opposite end of the spectrum. And we figured you'd be equally curious. So here for your perusing pleasure are the 15 companies whose shares lost the most value last year.

How did we figure it? Same way we nailed down the top 15: We cribbed the list of pharma-sector stocks from The Wall Street Journal, added a couple of biggies on their biotech list, and got each company's share prices as of January 3 and December 31, 2007. From there we figured a percentage change for each. This list of falling shares leads with a stock that lost more than 90 percent of its value in 2007.

1. Sonus Pharmaceutical
2. Threshold Pharmas
3. Hana Biosciences
4. Pharmos
5. Cytogen
6. Memory Pharma
7. Interpharm Holdings
8. Iomai
9. Nastech Pharmaceutical
10. Acusphere
11. Altus Pharmaceuticals
12. Artes Medical
13. Vanda Pharmaceuticals
14. Hollis-Eden Pharma
15. MediciNova


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