Professional Marketing: 'In our Blood'

Bio-Rad's “In Our Blood” professional website highlights the life science lab workers who use its products. (Fingerpaint)

Category: Professional Marketing
Winning campaign: "In our Blood"
Client: Bio-Rad Laboratories
Agency: Fingerpaint

People who work in life sciences labs don’t always get the attention their contributions to healthcare decision-making and patient outcomes might deserve. This year's professional website winner shone a spotlight on those unrecognized workers by asking, “What kind of exceptional are you?”

Bio-Rad Laboratories and Fingerpaint helped the scientists and technicians who use the company's quality control products recognize their strengths through a personality quiz. Those traits—such as being analytical, meticulous, demanding, and a perfectionist—were then used as the core of the "In Our Blood" professional website.

Bio-Rad “wanted a campaign that could focus on the extraordinary accomplishments of their laboratory partners, not on Bio-Rad itself," Craig Mattes, Fingerpaint Phoenix office lead and creative, said.

The campaign also aimed to illustrate the symbiotic relationship between the company and its customers, he said.

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“By simply bringing the lab world to life, and talking about what makes the people who give their lives to their labs so special, we were also pointing to what makes Bio-Rad so special,” Mattes said.

The market for lab products is fiercely and increasingly competitive, but most company promotions are based exclusively on the features of the technology. The “In Our Blood” campaign took that idea a step further by adding the persona of Bio-Rad, and how it mirrors the qualities of its clients.

“We called this campaign ‘In Our Blood’ because this is an illustration of what healthcare workers, and Bio-Rad as a company, were really born to do,” Mattes said.

The personality quiz and accompanying print ads, sales materials and promotional video helped to develop a relationship between Bio-Rad and anyone who interacted with the campaign. It showed that the company understands lab challenges and makes an ideal partner to help overcome them.

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Bio-Rad says the success of the campaign was seen in “significant attention from its target audience and…a strong buzz for the initiative on social media platforms, especially LinkedIn.”

Companies like Bio-Rad have a profound effect on the world of healthcare, and their stories needs to be told, Mattes said.

Professional Marketing: 'In our Blood'