Social media engagement score: 9
Facebook fans: No corporate page; Parkinson's More Than Motion has 45,811
Twitter followers: @ucb_news, 749
YouTube subscribers: UCB, 77

One look at UCB's social media numbers, and it's plain that the Belgium-based drugmaker didn't snag a spot on this list for its wide reach. In the IMS Institute's social-media report, the company didn't crack the top 10 for reach or relevance. But when it came to developing relationships with people on social media, UCB surpassed all but three of its rivals.

Consider its Twitter statistics. UCB hasn't tweeted much; just 274 times from its @ucb_news handle at this writing. Its tweets aren't spread around much either--just 1.9 retweets each, on average. Its reply record, however, bests every other drugmaker on Twitter, with an average of 0.8 per tweet. That means it's engaging in two-way talk almost every time other Twitter users reach out.

Twitter screen grab from @ucb_news
This screen grab from @ucb_news shows how UCB uses Twitter to respond to customers.

And sometimes when they don't, at least not directly. Last summer a Twitter user, @chibradley773, complained about his copay for the UCB anti-inflammatory drug Cimzia. UCB News saw his message and tweeted this to him: "You may be eligible for one of our financial support programs. Please call us." The tweet included a toll-free number.

UCB's corporate YouTube channel is pretty sparse, with just 13 videos posted, and the company has no corporate Facebook page that we could find. It does sponsor a Parkinson's disease-oriented page, Parkinson's More Than Motion; one of UCB's three biggest drugs is Neupro, approved to treat Parkinson's symptoms.

With more than 45,000 fans, the More Than Motion page gets users talking about their Parkinson's symptoms, particularly lesser-known ones, such as blurry vision. Its posts are almost always shared, usually about a dozen times, but sometimes more than 100. The page also drives users to a sign-up sheet for the company's More Than Motion magazine and its ParkinsonsMTM YouTube channel, which posts monthly videos in a series about former pro football player and coach Forrest Gregg, who has Parkinson's disease.

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