6. Trulicity

Eli Lilly Trulicity multicultural social media FPMK winner 2020
Eli Lilly's Spanish-language Trulicity campaign won a Fierce Pharma Marketing Award in 2020 amid robust advertising for the year.

Brand: Trulicity 
Company: Eli Lilly
What is it: GLP-1 receptor agonist for Type 2 diabetes
2020 spend: $176.3 million
2019 spend: $148.3 million

Eli Lilly devoted considerable resources to its monoclonal antibody COVID-19 treatment bamlanivimab and its combo follow-up, but that doesn't mean it left behind Trulicity, a stalwart performer and tried-and-true DTC brand.

Trulicity remained Lilly’s top-selling drug with $5.1 billion in sales, up 23% over the previous year, driven by higher volume but offset by lower prices because of higher rebates negotiated with payers.

Advertising spending for the GLP-1 diabetes med was also robust, jumping by almost $30 million and rebounding in 2020 after a dip in spending for 2019, according to Kantar data. That moved Trulicity back up the chart from No. 10 last year.

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Lilly continued its message by talking to Type 2 diabetes patients about taking control of their condition and using “the power” in their bodies to control A1C levels with the help of Trulicity.

A new set of 2020 TV commercials reiterates its now-5-year-old explanation of Trulicity as a treatment that stimulates a person's body to naturally produce its own insulin.

The latest work also includes Spanish-language commercials, extending an effort that began in 2019. Forty percent of newly diagnosed Type 2 diabetes patients are of Hispanic descent.

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The Spanish-language social media campaign won best multicultural campaign in last year's Fierce Pharma Marketing Awards. The effort reached 3.9 million unique Hispanic patients, nabbed 12 million video views and attracted hundreds of comments from consumers.

Trulicity advertising also continued Lilly's push for price transparency with links to a specific website with answers to questions and offers of financial assistance to those in need during the pandemic. The final card in the TV ads advises viewers to visit lillypricinginfo.com for more information.

6. Trulicity