6. Eliquis

Eliquis has sparred with generic challengers to its blockbuster sales, but clear sailing until 2026 seems likely. (Pfizer)

Bristol Myers Squibb, Pfizer
2019 sales: $7.93 billiion
Projected 2026 sales: $12.38 billion
Projected CAGR: +7%
Used for: Blood clots

Pfizer and Bristol Myers Squibb's Eliquis has gobbled up market share in the oral anticoagulant market by first dominating its warfarin alternative competitors and then passing up warfarin itself up last year. That success has spurred big sales for the partnered med, but could generic competitors spoil the party?

Eliquis hit $7.93 billion in sales in 2019 and could be set for 7% growth through 2026, according to Evaluate Pharma. That would put the blood thinner's sales at around $12.38 billion that year if all goes to plan. 

Eliquis has simply swarmed its competitors in the anticoagulant market on the way to blockbuster status, but there are generics in the wings that could complicate the picture if the Pfizer-Bristol alliance isn't successful in its full-court-press litigation.

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6. Eliquis