Therapure Biopharma - Top 10 Standout CMOs

Therapure Biopharma

Therapure is among the growing number of contract manufacturers now going by the "CDMO" moniker--using the "D" for development. The acronym is still not much in use, even though many CMOs regularly offer drug development services. 

Therapure scored an 81% customer perception (CP) rating by Nice in Q3--that's up 10% over Q2; up 19% over Q1.

The company's "Start with us. Stay with us," slogan reveals the Mississauga, Ontario, CMO's belief that clients want integrated services. Therapure services span development, manufacture, purification and packaging of rare and complex biotherapeutics, including hemoglobin-conjugated therapeutics and hemoglobin-based proteins to treat infectious diseases, cancer and anemia, according to the company's website. Therapure also provides process and test development, final release testing, filling and shipping services.

Therapure currently counts BioVectra, the Mt. Sinai Hospital Foundation and Stellar Pharmaceuticals among its clients. The privately held company, launched in 2008, boasts its own pipeline of therapeutic products, which include hemoglobin-conjugated products, modified proteins and monoclonal antibodies. Its protein-modification technology is in early stage development.

Therapure Biopharma - Top 10 Standout CMOs