Teva Pharmaceutical Industries - Top 10 Layoffs of 2009

Company: Teva Pharmaceutical Industries
Layoffs: 1,090

Scoop: Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, the world's largest generic-drug maker, said early this year that it was shutting a plant in Doral, Florida, resulting in the planned termination of 300 employees by the end of 2010. The company acquired the plant when it bought Ivax in 2006. 

But Teva's layoffs weren't confined to the U.S. After its acquisition of fellow generic-drug maker Barr Pharmaceuticals last year, the company said it was cutting 790 workers in Croatia. The employees had been employed by Barr subsidiary Pliva, which is based in the Croatian capital of Zagreb. Barr acquired Pliva in 2006. Teva is streamlining Pliva in an attempt to boost its profitability in line with the company average. The layoffs amount to more than one-quarter of the unit's workers.

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries - Top 10 Layoffs of 2009