Severin Schwan - Roche

Severin Schwan
CEO, Roche
Total Compensation:
$13.415 million

Professional Profile: Severin Schwan, 46, left the University of Innsbruck in 1993 with a doctorate in law and joined Roche ($RHHBY) as a trainee in the corporate finance operations in Basel. Two years later, he took over finance and administration for the company's unit in Brussels, then hopscotched through Germany, Switzerland, and Singapore before settling back in as CEO of Roche Diagnostics in Basel. He moved up to CEO of the entire Roche Group in 2008.

Compensation Breakdown: A salary of 4 million Swiss francs, a 2.51 million franc bonus, 1.14 million francs' worth of performance shares and 4 million francs' worth of options, plus 847,237 in pension benefits and 377,530 in other compensation. Francs converted to dollars at a $1.07 rate.

Company Performance: Last year, Roche was one of the few Big Pharma companies to overcome competitive pressures and European austerity enough to increase its sales. No backing out generics losses, no breaking out "growth platforms," but actual, year-over-year sales growth of 4%. And it's expecting much the same this year. But some analysts think the Swiss company's forecast is a tad too conservative now that it has two brand-new breast cancer drugs to sell. Perjeta, approved last year, and the even newer Kadcyla are both said to be blockbusters in the making.

All wasn't rosy at Roche last year, however; the company unveiled a big restructuring and cost-cutting plan that will claim more than 1,000 jobs. Along with the job cuts, Roche will shut down its longtime research base in Nutley, NJ, as its R&D centers on Genentech's California operations. The company also unexpectedly lost its pharma chief, Pascal Soriot, to AstraZeneca ($AZN), which hired him as CEO. Schwan picked Roche Diagnostics chief Daniel O'Day to take over the pharma business as the company dives ever deeper into targeted drugs and their companion diagnostics.

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Severin Schwan - Roche