4. Sanofi’s Merial – Top 10 animal health companies

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Merial logoSanofi’s Merial ($SNY)
2015 Revenue: $2.75 billion (€2.52 billion)
HQ: Lyon, France

Sanofi’s Merial animal health unit has some of the best-known brand names in animal health, including Frontline for fighting fleas and ticks, Heartgard for fending off heartworms and a suite of vaccines to prevent several diseases in pets and food animals. So investors were surprised when Sanofi CEO Olivier Brandicourt said late in the year that--in a bid to strengthen its faltering diabetes business--it was looking to cast off Merial, which he said had few synergies with the company’s other businesses. In December, Sanofi and Boehringer Ingelheim announced a $12.5 billion asset swap in which BI will get Merial in return for its consumer health business. BI will pick up some hot assets in the deal, including NexGard, a chewable flea-and-tick fighter for dogs that could help launch the company from 7th place in the companion-animal market into the top three. The merger is expected to close in 2016.

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4. Sanofi’s Merial – Top 10 animal health companies

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