Sanofi-Aventis Q3 Results - Q3 Top Pharma Company Earnings Reports

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  • Good performances from Lovenox(R) (+13.7%) and Lantus(R) (+21.7%) across all three geographic regions, continuation of strong uptrend in the presence of Plavix(R) in the United States (+11.3%) and Japan (+50.3%)
  • Sales growth of 20.9% in emerging markets
  • Strong growth for the Pentacel(R) and Menactra(R) vaccines; substantial proportion of seasonal and A/H1N1 vaccines sales anticipated in the fourth quarter
  • OTC sales up 26.3%
  • Launch of Multaq(R) in the United States on target; positive opinion from the CHMP in Europe, and approval in Canada and Switzerland
  • Impact of competition from generics of Eloxatin(R) in the United States and Plavix(R) in some European countries more than offset by growth drivers

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Sanofi-Aventis Q3 Results - Q3 Top Pharma Company Earnings Reports

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