Roche/Genentech - The 12 greenest companies in biopharma

Roche/ Genentech

2010 figures

CO2-equiv emissions: 1.01M (1.05M); 22.69/1M Swiss francs (CHF) in sales (21.47)
Water Intake/Use: Use: 3.6M cubic meters (+30.5%)
Waste: 71,169M tons (50,608M)
Energy: 14,495 terajoules (13,898); 0.31 terajoules/CHF 1M in sales (0.28)

Roche notes that in 2010, overall energy consumption went up by 597 terajoules in absolute terms, a 3.5 percent increase that it attributes to growth in business traveling. Within that travel, road transport accounted for the largest proportion at 74 percent, followed by air at 19 percent.

The company says its emissions-reduction efforts involve use of closed systems or suitable exhaust air treatment (filters or exhaust air incineration). Those efforts have paid off; volatile organic compound (VOC) emission reduction in metric tons per CHF 1 million of sales since 1992 is 99 percent.

In 2010, the Roche Group emitted 164 metric tons of VOCs, some 8.5 percent of which were halogenated.

Roche/Genentech - The 12 greenest companies in biopharma