Rank in 2013: 12th
Community Size: 5th
Activity: 6th
Engagement: 8th
Virality: 9th

Roche ($RHHBY) moved up in Ogilvy's latest ranking from near the bottom, thanks to more activity and better engagement with consumers, measured as Facebook likes and Twitter replies. In Twitter posts, it upped engagement, for instance, by offering followers the opportunity to send in questions during conference panel discussions and by re-directing people to its Instagram account for infographics on breast cancer.

In some other areas, Roche does seem to lag a bit behind the more connected pharmas. On Facebook, it has a Roche careers and a diagnostics division page (where its last post was in 2011), but not one for the corporate brand. Its Twitter feed is text-heavy, lacking in photos and videos. On its YouTube channel, the videos are dominated by talking heads.

However, one interesting "Drawn to Science" feature, with a handful of videos created over the past two years, uses whiteboard animation to tackle a variety of advanced pharma concepts like biomarker research or drug discovery models. While the videos have garnered thousands of views (one has almost 20,000), it may be a lack of linking that's leaving them undiscovered. For instance, the latest Drawn to Science about clinical trials--although outside the scope of Ogilvy's study done last year--was not mentioned or linked to on any other social media.

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