Robert Parkinson - Baxter

Robert Parkinson - Baxter
Total Compensation: $14.1 million

Details: Parkinson rebounded from his 2010 pay cut, which brought him from 2009's $14.4 million down to $11.5 million as the company faced declining revenues and production woes. Now, however, he's back to a healthy $14.1 million, as he pulled in about $1 million more in stock and option awards last year and saw his non-equity incentive plan increase by nearly $2 million. The raise pushed him just ahead of Allergan's ($AGN) David Pyott, who missed this year's top 10 by a paltry (for a pharma CEO) $80,000.

Of late, Baxter has seen positive returns from its plasma-based immune disorder treatments, boasting a 3.2% year-over-year increase in income last quarter, leading to a planned $1 billion investment to construct a drug plant in Atlanta, which is projected to employ about 1,500 people, the company said. There have been a few snags, however, namely for the hopeful big seller HyQ. Baxter projected the drug to get approval this year and bring in up to $200 million by 2014, but the FDA has requested more information on the immunotherapy treatment, delaying the company's progress.

Robert Parkinson - Baxter

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