Robert Parkinson, Baxter

Chairman and CEO, Baxter International
Total 2014 Compensation: $15.30 million

Baxter ($BAX) chief Robert Parkinson makes a perennial appearance on the list of biopharma's top-paid CEOs, and this year is no exception, despite a slight dip in his overall compensation.

Parkinson netted $15.3 million for 2014, a step down from the $16.2 million he picked up in 2013 and the $17.5 million he pocketed the year before that. While his base salary stayed steady at $1.54 million, and his annual cash bonus shot up 17% to $3.17 million, his stock awards weren't so lucky. Parkinson collected share awards worth $3.6 million, just over half of the $6.8 million he garnered in 2013. Parkinson's pension grew by $2.47 million, and he got options worth $4.54 million.

What Parkinson didn't get--that some of his fellow Baxterites did--was a retention bonus related to the spinoff of the company's biopharma business, Baxalta. The execs leading that charge collected share grants that vest in three years, provided they stick around.

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Robert Parkinson, Baxter

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