Robert Hugin - Celgene

Robert Hugin
Chairman and CEO, Celgene
Total Compensation: $10.574 million

Professional Profile: After graduating from Princeton University in 1976, Robert Hugin, 58, served in the U.S. Marine Corps and then earned an MBA from the University of Virginia. His first MBA job was at J.P. Morgan & Co., and he was a managing director when he left the firm to join Celgene as senior vice president and CFO. In 2006, he moved up to president and COO, and in 2010, he took the helm as CEO. He acquired the chairman's title in June 2011.

Compensation Breakdown: $1.158 million in base salary, $2.334 million in stock and $3.66 million in options, and $3.23 million in incentive pay, plus $193,685 in other compensation, including company matching contributions to his 401(k) plan.

Company Performance: Celgene staked out a bigger tent in 2012. The company nabbed a new indication in lung cancer for its breast cancer treatment Abraxane. It unveiled promising data for Abraxane in pancreatic cancer, inspiring analysts to wax lyrical about billion-dollar sales increases. Its new multiple myeloma drug, Pomalyst, went to the FDA for approval, and its current blood cancer blockbuster Revlimid accumulated data for new uses.

Celgene also wrapped up a series of deals: It bought Avila Therapeutics and its covalent technology for $350 million, struck a $90 million licensing deal with Epizyme, and inked a pact with Sutro Biopharma on next-generation antibody-drug conjugates in a deal worth up to $500 million. But some of the hoped-for pieces went missing. Revlimid had been on its way to broader use in Europe, but in June, regulators there asked for more data. On balance, Hugin was encouraged--very much so. With $5.5 billion in revenue under his belt for 2012, he started 2013 by setting out a 5-year plan to hit $12 billion.

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Robert Hugin - Celgene