Robert Coury - 2010 CEO Pay

Robert Coury - Mylan

Mylan CEO Robert Coury

Total Compensation: $22.9 million

Details: CEOs of generics companies also can see huge rewards. Mylan's Robert Coury saw his compensation increase again last year. In 2009, Coury took in just under $16.5 million, compared with about $13.2 million in 2008. Last year, his base salary increased to $1.7 million--that's up from about $1.57 million the previous year. And his stock options doubled--going from $3 million in 2009 to just over $6 million last year.

Coury is granted use company aircraft for vacations and other personal purposes "in light of heightened security concerns," according to the company's proxy statement. BNET's Jim Edwards points out Coury's jet use stands out among pharma CEOs. In fact, the CEO made use of his company's aircraft more than five times more often than J&J CEO William Weldon and ex-Pfizer CEO Jeff Kindler.

Last year, Mylan had net earnings of $223.6 million, or 68 cents per share, up from $93.5 million, or 30 cents per share, in 2009. It also reported total revenue of $5.4 billion for 2010, up from $5.1 billion for 2009, as the Pittsburgh Business Times reports.

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