Robert Bradway - Amgen

Robert Bradway
CEO, Amgen

Total Compensation: $13.57 million

Professional Profile: Before Robert Bradway, 50, joined Amgen ($AMGN), he was an investment banker. Bradway spent more than 20 years at Morgan Stanley, 16 of them in London. He started his Amgen career in 2006 as a VP for operations strategy and moved up to the CFO job soon after. In 2010, he became president and COO, and then took over as CEO in May 2012. He has held the chairman's job as well since January 2013. An Amherst College graduate, he earned an MBA at Harvard Business School.

Compensation Breakdown: $1.26 million in salary, $8.57 million in stock, and $3.31 million in incentive pay, plus $420,059 in perks and other compensation.

Company Performance: Last year, Amgen started looking like a member of the Big Pharma clique. It bought a branded generics company in Turkey, MN Pharma, for $700 million, in a bid to diversify both geographically--into emerging markets--and product-wise. It caught some flak for its high-dollar lobbying in Washington. It gave up on one of its development programs, a treatment for pancreatic cancer. And toward the end of the year, it pleaded guilty to a criminal drug-misbranding charge and agreed to pay $762 million in fines and civil penalties to wrap up a federal investigation into its Aranesp marketing. Financially, however, the company remained firmly in Big Biotech. It beat analyst expectations with an 11% increase in 2012 sales, thanks to growth from its longtime autoimmune blockbuster Enbrel and its new bone drugs Prolia and Xgeva.

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Robert Bradway - Amgen