Print: 'See the Connection'

FCB Health See the Connection campaign for BI
FCB Health's print winner aimed to highlight one commonality among dozens of disparate interstitial lung diseases: fibrosis. (Getty Images)

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Winning campaign: "See the Connection"
Client: Boehringer Ingelheim
Agency: FCB Health New York

Interstitial lung disease (ILD) has more than 200 possible causes, some of them unusual and obscure, and that makes diagnosis difficult. Boehringer and FCB Health New York, however, created this print campaign winner by using images to connect the dots among the host of ILDs and the pulmonary fibrosis they share in common.

The arresting creative work paired a healthy, pink lung on one side with an image representing a disease that can trigger fibrosis—such as a bird for bird fancier’s disease or hay bales for farmer’s lung—on the other. It used the letters in the words “See the Connection” as “dots” to connect the two sides.

“We knew that HCPs—rheumatologists and pulmonologists in particular—were used to categorizing and separating different ILDs by their initial cause or trigger, not necessarily fibrosis," said FCB Health’s Amanda Gomez and Kristen Joyce, group management director and copy supervisor, respectively, in an email interview.

The doctors treating ILD patients "were not necessarily thinking of the commonality among these very disparate diseases, and it was our charge to change that,” they said.

Connecting two unexpected things, and using CGI to make them come to life, grabbed doctors’ attention and created “aha” moments when they realized the connection. The work was featured in print advertising and on posters and fabric displays at key conventions and medical meetings.

The campaign launched for pulmonologists at the American College of Chest Physicians' annual meeting, called CHEST, and for rheumatologists at the American College of Rheumatology's yearly confab. It was a big hit in both venues, Gomez and Joyce said: "The impressions made were immediate."

Based on internal Boehringer Ingelheim research at both conventions, 83% of pulmonologists said the campaign helped increase their awareness of PF-ILD and 66% of rheumatologists could recall the key campaign image in the print work.

The total reach for “See the Connection” topped 10,000 healthcare professionals in person, print and digital, FCB Health said.

“The campaign has left a lasting impression on HCPs," Gomez and Joyce said. "It is recognizable and memorable, with a clear message that they can take to clinical practice which will help patients with fibrosing ILDs get identified more quickly.”

Print: 'See the Connection'

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