Polymer Factory - Fierce's 5 Drug Delivery Companies to Watch

Company: Polymer Factory
Headquarters: Stockholm
Year founded: 2005
Employees: 3, but pursuing expansion

Core drug delivery technology: The company's technology is based on polyester dendrimers (see image at right) and monodisperse polymers (like proteins) for which it owns the intellectual property.

Why the company, and its tech, matters: Polymer Factory bills itself as "the only provider of patented well-defined dendrimers and dendrons based on 2,2-bis(methylol) propionic acid (bis-MPA)." Another selling point, in layman's terms: They're biodegradable, nontoxic, nonimmunogenetic and monodisperse (with no batch variations). Lux Research ranks dendrimer technology, which would carry the drug to its target, as having "high potential" for the industry in a recent report on emerging drug delivery technologies, despite its relatively high cost, complexity and need for special equipment for manufacturing. CEO Andreas Nyström told us that the company retained the exclusive right to produce, market and sell the materials. Also a contract research company, Polymer Factory uses its drug delivery materials to support research and development in the pharmaceutical industry, among other sectors. It also collaborates with "more than three Big Pharma companies. And several smaller (ones)," Nyström told us, though he declined to say who those partners are.

Polymer Factory - Fierce's 5 Drug Delivery Companies to Watch

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