Pfizer/Wyeth - The 12 greenest companies in biopharma


2009 figures

CO2 emissions: about 2.8M kilotons (-10% )
Water Intake/Use: Use: about 60 million cubic meters (+9%)
Waste: about 260M kilograms (-5%)

Pfizer acquired Wyeth in October 2009, boosting company footprint by about 50 percent. Stats show data combined from the legacy companies.

The drug giant won the 2010 Facility of the Year Award in the sustainability category for its plant in County Cork, Ireland. The monoclonal antibody small-scale facility was built with re-used assets when possible, including 5,000 cubic meters of crushed rubble as substructure and 30,000 cubic meters of excavated material for site fill and landscaping.

Waste minimization procedures, recycling in both construction and operations, energy-efficient fixtures and equipment and minimized air-change rates were all design considerations. An eco-seal, grey, insulated roof membrane reduces heat island effect. 

Pfizer reports it's on target to achieve its 2008-2012 greenhouse gas goal, a 20 percent reduction on an absolute basis from baseline 2007. It dropped 10 percent in 2009 alone. The company attributes the improvements to HVAC improvements and other energy-efficiency projects. 

Another goal is to reduce greenhouse gases from fleet emissions by 10 percent annually in absolute terms. It exceeded expectations with a 24 percent drop in 2009 and has achieved and overall drop of 27 percent between 2007 and 2009.

Pfizer/Wyeth - The 12 greenest companies in biopharma