Pfizer - Top 13 Ad Budgets

Company: Pfizer pfizer.jpg
2007 Ad Spending: $1.253 billion
2006 Ad Spending: $1.006 billion


  • Magazines: $225.2 million
  • Newspaper: $33.3  million
  • Outdoor: $1.2 million
  • T: $456.6 million
  • Radio: $11.3 million
  • Internet: $24.2 million

Where Pfizer is spending money: While many other drugmakers cut back on ad budgets, Pfizer increased it's spending by almost 25 percent in 2007. No surprises here--the company shelled out $187.3M on advertising for Lipitor, the world's best-selling drug. The budget for Caduet promotion soared 105 percent from 2006, with $89 million spent promoting the Norvasc/Lipitor combo in 2007. Lyrica also saw it's budget skyrocket 123 percent. In 2007, Pfizer won a new fibromyalgia indication for Lyrica--originally a nerve pain drug--and spent almost $74 million on promotion. The anti-incontinence drug Detrol LA and, of course, Viagra, rounded out Pfizer's top five campaigns.

Despite the significantly increased ad budget, Pfizer's sales totaled $48.4 billion in 2007--up just .1 percent from $48.3 billion in 2006.

Where the company isn't spending money: Viagra's budget dropped 35 percent in 2007, and Pfizer completely abandoned the exhaled insulin drug Exubra after it returned drug rights to Nektar in November. The company also spent almost 48 percent less on image advertising than it did in 2006.

Pfizer - Top 13 Ad Budgets