Pfizer's Jeffrey Kindler - CEO Pay

Jeffrey Kindler - Pfizer Jeffrey Kindler, Pfizer CEO

Total Compensation: $12.6M

2007 Revenue: $48.6B
2006 Revenue: $48.3B
Change: .6%

Details: 2007 was not Pfizer's best year, seeing that the company started things off with one of the biggest drug development flops in recent history. CEO Jeffrey Kindler's pay is low when compared to rivals, but it was still up significantly from $9.8 million in 2006. Kindler pulled in $1.35 million in base pay, $3.1 million in cash bonuses (down slightly from 2006), $7.5 million in stock and options. His other compensation included $175,000 for aircraft use and over $42,000 for his use of a car.

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Pfizer's Jeffrey Kindler - CEO Pay

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