Total: $435.1 million

Top 3 Drugs
Celebrex: $77.8 million
Viagra: $77.1 million
Lyrica: $56 million
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Pfizer ($PFE) has always been a big advertiser. It has been following a tried-and-true strategy for pain drug Celebrex that many drugmakers employ: Push sales hard ahead of a patent loss. Drugmakers want to squeeze every penny of revenue they can and get people started on a branded product that they may be reluctant to give up. Celebrex brought in $1.7 billion in the U.S. last year, ranking it among the company's biggest sellers now that Lipitor is off patent. It was slated to lose its patent on May 30, 2014, but then the U.S. patent office gave Pfizer a prize in the form of a reissued patent that doesn't expire 'til the end of 2015. That means a cool couple of billion in extra sales. The company spent almost as much on advertising for its erectile dysfunction drug Viagra, which is protected here until 2020 but which went off patent in Europe this year and is very popular on Internet sites. The drugmaker is trying to counter those sales with a Viagra Internet site of its own that allows users to buy the drug discreetly. Still, U.S. sales fell 2% in the first 6 months of 2013, compared with the same period in 2012.


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