Social media engagement score: 20
Facebook fans: Pfizer, 96,653
Twitter followers: @pfizer, 87,591; @pfizer_news, 2,989
YouTube subscribers: PfizerNews, 1,034

This screen grab shows one of many of Pfizer's Get Old campaign promotions on Facebook.

Pfizer's ($PFE) social media personality is eclectic. You'll find black-and-white photos from the company archives side by side with a video featuring one of Pfizer's research scientists; photos of employee volunteer work next to an exhortation to collect family medical history. Its Get Old campaign also makes a frequent appearance, on the main company feeds and through its own Twitter ($TWTR) handle and Facebook ($FB) page. In fact, Pfizer's most popular YouTube video--with 347,264 views--is a Get Old montage of life's little moments. Its link to the company? "If we at Pfizer keep doing our jobs right, there will be a side effect: You'll get old."

Another popular choice? Pfizer CMO Freda Lewis-Hall talking about a contraceptive recall.

This scattershot approach appears to be working, at least in capturing people's attention. A quick stat about the prevalence of lung cancer inspired 11 retweets, just a few days before an R&D pipeline graphic was retweeted 26 times and favorited 13. Pfizer's Happy New Year post on January 2 drew not only 655 likes but also 28 comments. And the archive photos are all popular with Facebook browsers.

Right now, Pfizer's social-media efforts are concentrated at the corporate level, though its various businesses have smaller feeds of their own. And in addition to Pfizer's worldwide social channels, some of its international units operate local feeds on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, too. Pfizer Turkey has all three.

IMS Health's stats show that on the top three social media platforms, Pfizer stands at about the middle of the pack on engaging users, with a solid retweet average--3.8 per--and about as many comments per Facebook post. Its average number of Facebook likes stands at 102.9, a respectable figure, especially considering some other Big Pharmas barely manage a few dozen. And on YouTube, its viewership average stands at 15,987. With more than 100 videos posted in all, that's a hefty number of views. And 87,378 followers for @Pfizer isn't bad for a company that just gained full control of that handle a few months ago.

- check out Pfizer's social media website

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