Novo Nordisk

Novo Nordisk
Social media engagement score: 23
Facebook fans: Novo Nordisk, 122,000 
Twitter followers: @NovoNordisk, 3,484; @NovoNordiskUS, 4,060; @NovoNordiskLive, 5,456; @NovoNordiskTBL, 3,754; @TeamNovoNordisk, 42,922
YouTube subscribers: Novo Nordisk, 713

Fortune called Novo Nordisk ($NVO) one of social media's "superstars" last year, impressed by the company's focus on diabetes awareness and patient connections. As a specialist in diabetes treatment, the company doesn't have to cover cancer awareness one minute and vaccine campaigns the next. Though it does make occasional reference to its business in hemophilia treatments, Novo Nordisk's social media can make a meal of diabetes, with some corporate sustainability and sports on the side.

Novo Nordisk's Twitter feed invites followers to check out its YouTube video on training the world's first all-diabetes professional cycling team.

Whether on Facebook ($FB), via its multiple Twitter ($TWTR) feeds, or in YouTube videos, the intended message is the same: The company cares about patients and their diabetes. Its Twitter feed @NovoNordiskLive tweets from diabetes conferences, and among corporate Twitter handles it has the most followers. Its U.S. and home base Twitter streams combine press releases and video links about Novo data and products, with lots of communiques about--naturally--diabetes. That includes stats and facts, self-help advice, diet and exercise, patient stories, inspirational video and photos.

Novo's educational materials are promoted all over the place, and people actually read them. On Facebook, a set of info graphics for kids, explaining the different types of carbs and how to eat them healthily, got 1,559 likes. A link to its Facebook app for an annual fundraising walk drew almost 3,500 likes. The YouTube video "Novo Nordisk is Changing Diabetes" has been viewed 202,570 times.

Even its sports marketing--via cycling's Team Novo Nordisk--is tightly hooked into the disease; all the athletes on the team have diabetes. With more Twitter followers than Novo Nordisk's other handles combined, the team's feed neatly combines a fan-winning sport with company image-making and diabetes discussion. Not to mention a dose of inspiration for other diabetics.

According to IMS Health's statistics, Novo Nordisk was third in line for average Facebook "Likes" per post--142.6--with two retweets per tweet and about 6,800 views per YouTube video (on average, with the two most-viewed videos at 202,000 and 188,000, and the least-viewed at 46). Its Twitter stats show the benefit of regular conversation: @NovoNordiskUS counts a little over 1,000 tweets and a little more than 4,000 followers, while @TeamNovoNordisk has tweeted more than 10,000 times and has more than 42,000 followers. Plus, longevity comes into play: Novo Nordisk joined Facebook in 2009 and has accumulated those 122,000-plus "Likes"; @TeamNovoNordisk has been tweeting since 2008, while @NovoNordiskUS has been on Twitter since 2012.

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