Novo Nordisk

Rank in 2013: 7th
Community Size: 12th
Activity: 10th
Engagement: 3rd
Virality: 13th

While Novo Nordisk ($NVO) did well engaging customers, its viral score in the Ogilvy study was ranked almost last, and its activity also lagged. Of course, the viral-ness problem could be attributed to a lack of anything catching on with consumers during the weeks in which Ogilvy reviewed its social media. Because otherwise, Novo seems progressive when it comes to social media. Its social media policy, for instance, seems progressive. It addresses social media directly on its website, giving it a separate heading, linking easily to all its social media sites, and introducing its open policy by saying, "We welcome conversations with all our stakeholders."

Novo also uses 9 of the 10 social media sites Ogilvy tracked, and actively networks and links across 8 of them. Its corporate Facebook page has 265,000 likes, although specifically states it is not intended for U.S. audiences. But check out its all-diabetes sponsored cycling team Facebook page Team Novo Nordisk: 1.2 million likes, and a direct link to its Instagram photos.

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Novo Nordisk

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