Multicultural Campaign: Trulicity Spanish-language social media

Eli Lilly created the first branded foreign language social media page in the pharma space for Trulicity, looking to reach Hispanic consumers with tailored resources. (Eli Lilly)

Category: Multicultural campaign
Winning campaign: Trulicity Spanish-language social media
Client: Eli Lilly

One of the most potent weapons in a marketer’s armory is a clear understanding of its customers; homogeneous marketing campaigns lose impact by not targeting the right people.

Eli Lilly recognized that early in its Trulicity Type 2 diabetes multicultural campaign. Type 2 diabetes is particularly prevalent among Hispanic people—one of the fastest-growing demographics of the U.S. population, expected to account for more than one in four Americans by 2060.

All told, 40% of newly diagnosed Type 2 diabetes patients are of Hispanic descent. Lilly’s task was to reach out with an effective campaign to raise awareness of diabetes as well as to inspire consumers to take action, and to provide support to those diagnosed with the condition.

Lilly understood that Hispanic people approach social media in a unique manner—they trust pharma more than the general market and are more likely to share experiences and health challenges online—and like more personal, two-way communication with brands.

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“We wanted to make sure we reached and engaged consumers in the right way, and with an appropriate, culturally relevant message,” Amber Graddick, Lilly’s multicultural consumer marketing brand manager, said.

Social media is a really important part of Latino people’s lives, and that extends to healthcare—70% of this population gathers health-related information directly from social media, according to Lilly. Research by the company revealed that this group also needs to better understand Type 2 diabetes as it is a silent, progressive disease, according to Graddick.

“We connected those dots and decided to launch the Trulicity Facebook page to help Latino patients and their families understand more about the brand with a very positive and empowering message," she said.

The page was the very first branded, foreign language social media page in the pharmaceutical space, according to Lynne Fox, Lilly’s director of social media, so there wasn’t much in the way of benchmarking to gauge the success of the campaign.

“We were the first to offer such a tailored resource to Spanish-speaking patients and their caregivers in the U.S.,” Fox said. The campaign reached 3.9 million unique Hispanic patients, prompted 12 million video views, and attracted hundreds of comments from consumers.

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“Being the first Spanish pharma Facebook page is on its own something we are really proud of, as it demonstrated our innovative approach and our commitment to provide a remarkable experience of all patients,” she said.

Ariana Mathews, Lilly’s community manager for the Facebook page, said the page provides a unique opportunity to communicate directly with patients and caregivers on a daily basis—hearing about the success of Trulicity treatment, responding to questions about the medication, or even helping if patients have difficulties collecting or affording the drug.

“In my role, there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing comments about how our medicines are helping patients every day,” she said. “To be able to reach our Hispanic and Latino customers—who often might feel unheard—in their own language and using their own communication style makes it that much more meaningful.”

Multicultural Campaign: Trulicity Spanish-language social media