Medical Conference or Event Marketing: 'Supportive as a Service Dog'

W2O Group's booth campaign for Stallergenes Greer communicated the message that the company is as supportive to its customers as service dogs are to their owners. (W2O Group)

Category: Medical conference or event marketing
Winning campaign: "Supportive as a Service Dog"
Client: Stallergenes Greer
Agency: W2O Group 

Stallergenes Greer, which provides allergy testing and treatment products for animals, faced a common marketing challenge—how to differentiate in a competitive market. It found, for instance, that half of respondents in an awareness study linked its original campaign “Supportive as a Service Dog” to competitors a year after launch.

“Over the past couple of years, competitors have come and gone in the veterinary dermatologist space, with messages about ‘we have better products or pricing.' Then they kind of fade away,” Sherry Mikeal, senior product manager of marketing at Stallergenes Greer, said.

“We wanted to really drive home the message that Stallergenes Greer is here to stay. We’ve been around for 35 years. This is about our expertise and our commitment to our customers," she added.

Stallergenes Greer develops allergen-specific immunotherapy to treat atopic dermatitis in animals and targets veterinary dermatologists and technicians. Its service dog campaign is designed to communicate the message that Stallergenes Greer is as supportive to its customers as service dogs are to their owners.

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“Service dogs are loyal, faithful, dependable and devoted to their owners,” Mikeal said. “We wanted to show our customers that we feel and think the same way about them.”

To make that message stand out, Stallergenes Greer engaged W2O Group after breaking with its former agency of record to develop an engaging, interactive booth at the North American Veterinary Dermatology Forum (NAVDF) in Austin, Texas, last April.

“What differentiates Stallergenes Greer is their customer service and commitment,”  Lauret Geosits, managing director of W2O Group, New York, said. “We brought our strategy and creative teams together to brainstorm ways to bring the booth to life and really have a booth draw—not popcorn or coffee but something that really matters—and bring visitors into the experience.”

W2O used video in innovative ways to create an immersive augmented reality experience in the booth, where visitors could use iPads to interact with “trigger points” and launch stories about animal service organizations in the Austin area.

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A door drop, designed to drive visitors to the booth, featured a tear-off donation form that allowed attendees to donate on behalf of the company to one of the animal organizations featured in the booth. A geotargeted in-app banner ad promoted the booth and the creative campaign to NAVDF attendees.

“When booth visitors came in, we could show them how invested we are in supporting them and the animals they treat,” Mikeal said.

The exhibit proved to be engaging: Booth traffic increased significantly over 2018, with 35% of meeting attendees participating in the AR experience. As a result of the booth traffic, Stallergenes Greer donated $20,000 to four of Austin’s most animal-friendly organizations.

Geosits said, “Creativity at the end of the day is what helps us stand out, especially with trying to differentiate in a crowded setting and in a crowded category."

Medical Conference or Event Marketing: 'Supportive as a Service Dog'