Drug: Lyrica
Company: Pfizer
Total spend Q1, 2012: $25.1 million
Total spend Q1, 2011: $30.8 million
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While Pfizer is remaking itself in a world without Lipitor exclusivity, it will at least be able to carry forward with protection another 5 years on its super blockbuster drug Lyrica. A federal judge in July upheld its patents for Lyrica, the pain drug and epilepsy treatment. Released in 2004, the drug first topped the $1 billion sales milestone in 2008 and its sales have just kept growing. Last year, Lyrica generated $3.7 billion in revenue. Federal authorities did say that some of that success was attributable to misbehavior. Lyrica was one of the drugs included in Pfizer's $2.3 billion marketing settlement in 2009. But that is past and the drug keeps generating big sales, including $458 million in the first quarter, says, which translates as a 6% jump.


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