Total: $228.9 million
Fibromyalgia: $123.1 million
Diabetic neuropathy: $105.7 million

In 2014, Pfizer ($PFE), which spends more than a billion dollars on DTC spending, put its biggest ad spending bet on its blockbuster drug Lyrica. Paid media was split almost evenly between the drug's two approved indications, fibromyalgia and diabetic nerve pain. Advertising for the former indication generally focused on fibromyalgia sufferers becoming more active, while ads for the latter featured individual older adults telling their personal stories of diabetic pain management.

Pfizer's top seller continued to bring home significant sales last year, with $5.2 billion in sales--an increase of more than 12%. It accounts for more than 10% of Pfizer's total revenue.

Pfizer recently caused a stir in the U.K. when it went after doctors for prescribing biosimilar generics for pain; Lyrica is off patent for epilepsy and general anxiety in England, but Pfizer still holds a patent for Lyrica for treating pain. Lyrica recently got court backing to keep patent exclusivity in the U.S. through 2018.

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