Lipitor (Pfizer)
Patent expiry: November 2011

2012 sales: $3.948 billion
2011 sales: $9.577 billion
Change: (59%)

It is a bit of a headshaker that Lipitor placed third in cardio sales, given all of the publicity about the patent loss on the world's most profitable drug. Of course, the nearly 60% drop in sales is pretty incredible and was the key reason Pfizer's ($PFE) U.S. revenues cratered by 14% and international revenues fell 6% in 2012. Still, Lipitor remained among Pfizer's 5 top-selling products, a reflection of the enormous footprint it had laid down on the world.  

The impact of the loss has been so great that it has led CEO Ian Read to a complete resculpting of the pharma giant. Read agreed last year to sell Pfizer's nutrition business to Nestle for $11.85 billion. The animal health business, which had been part of Pfizer for 65 years, was spun off into Zoetis ($ZTS) in February. About 20% of the company was sold in an IPO and Pfizer kept the rest.

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