Lamberto Andreotti - Bristol-Myers Squibb

Lamberto Andreotti - Bristol-Myers Squibb
Total Compensation: $14.9 million

Details: Andreotti has the distinction of netting the top 10's highest year-to-year pay increase (excepting those who weren't CEOs in 2010), as last year's haul was almost $3.2 million more than the one prior. The majority of his raise was due to a $1.5 million growth in stock awards and a $1.1 million jump in non-equity incentive compensation.

In 2011, despite a drop in sales of some old standbys, BMS ($BMY) saw surprising growth with some of its newer products. Company flagship Plavix faltered a bit, but the drugmaker cashed in on leukemia drug Sprycel, diabetes pill Onglyza and antipsychotic Abilify. And Andreotti is starry-eyed about 2012's potential, despite getting rebuffed on a bid for Amylin ($AMLN). The CEO has plans to boost the company's multi-billion-dollar R&D department, and, living up to its "string of pearls" pedigree, BMS is likely to make some more noise in the M&A realm, too.

Lamberto Andreotti - Bristol-Myers Squibb

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