Projected 2018 sales:
$1.521 billion
2012 sales: $64 million

Drugs like Revlimid and Velcade dominate the multiple myeloma market, but that didn't mean there was no room for Kyprolis when Onyx ($ONXX) launched it last July. Kyprolis was approved for patients who have been treated with at least two other medications, with analysts forecasting north of $1.5 billion in peak sales--$900 million in the U.S. with another $600 million coming from Europe.

Not long afterward, however, Celgene ($CELG) maneuvered its way into Onyx's arena to compete directly with Kyprolis, gaining approval for Pomalyst in February of this year for patients with multiple myeloma that has already resisted two or more other treatments. Celgene announced it would be pricing Pomalyst at $10,500 per month, just a shade above the $9,950 charged monthly for Kyprolis.

But Kyprolis and Pomalyst aren't necessarily mutually exclusive. One analyst said he expected doctors to move patients between the two drugs, in some cases prescribing a combination of the two, thus enhancing the sales of both.

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