Kevin Sharer - Amgen

Kevin Sharer - Amgen
Total Compensation: $18.9 million

Details: After drawing the ire of investors for the company's flagging stock price and steep R&D costs, Sharer is set to retire May 23, after 20 years with Amgen ($AMGN). He took yet another pay cut in 2011, seeing his total compensation fall by more than $2 million, thanks mostly to a more than 50% reduction in option awards from 2010.

Sharer's decade in charge at Amgen saw excellent growth, going from $3.6 billion in revenue to more than $16 billion. However, safety concerns over the company's anemia treatments led to some big losses in the last few years, and the 63-year-old's name has a tendency to pop up on lists of the industry's most overpaid execs. But the news isn't all bad for Sharer. As Dow Jones reported earlier this year, the soon-to-be-ex CEO is likely in line for a $49 million retirement package once he steps down--not William Weldon money, to be sure, but probably enough for some comfortable golden years.

Editor's Note: Sharer's retirement package includes accumulated retirement plan contributions and benefits, and deferred compensation. It also includes stock awards and options.

Kevin Sharer - Amgen

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