Johnson & Johnson - Top 13 Ad Budgets

Company: Johnson & Johnson jnj.jpg
2007 Ad Spending: $2.409 billion
2006 Ad Spending: $2.401 billion


  • Magazines: $ 402.1 million
  • Newspaper: $ 50.9 million
  • Outdoor: $ 4.8 million
  • TV: $ 879.4 million
  • Radio: $ 34.8 million
  • Internet: $ 49.2 million

Where J&J is spending money: J&J spent $50.2 million promoting its epilepsy drug Topamax. The drug--which was originally scheduled to go off-patent in September--won extended market exclusivity for one year based on a new pediatric indication for the med. The multi-purpose biologic Remicade saw $14.3 in advertising spending. Overall, J&J spent $49.2M on Internet advertising--far more than any other drug company.

Though J&J spent a substantial amount on prescription drugs, consumer product advertising was the name of the game in 2007. Neutrogena ($165 million), Tylenol ($152 million), Aveeno ($126 million), and Listerine ($111 million) made up the company's top four ad campaigns. J&J also spent $80 million on image advertising, though that was down from $100 million in 2006.

J&J boosted it's Internet advertising budget 41 percent in 2007 to 49.1 million. The company also embraced outdoor advertising--that budget increased 470 percent to $4.8 million. National radio spots were up 71.9 percent to 9.2 million. Overall, company sales rose 14.6 percent to $61 million.

Where J&J isn't spending money: None of J&J's top five ad campaigns included spending on prescription drug advertising. Remicade was the only prescription drug that had an increased budget in 2007 (there was no budget for the biologic in 2007). Topamax dropped 16.2 percent and Zyrtec dropped 17.8 percent. Newspaper advertising fell a whopping 98 percent to a paltry $149,000 from 7.4 million.

Johnson & Johnson - Top 13 Ad Budgets