Johnson & Johnson ($JNJ) - Big Pharma's Q3 2010 Earnings Report

FiercePharma says: J&J's third quarter was down 0.7 percent compared to the third quarter of 2009; however, sales were slightly up compared to the same timeframe, at $1.23 per share. Though U.S. sales declined 2.5 percent, the Asia-Pacific Africa region grew 4.1 percent, the strongest growth of the quarter. The company's consumer segment is still lagging--and mired with manufacturing issues--down 10.2 percent compared to 2009's third quarter; U.S. sales in this department were down 24.5 percent, and OTC product sales were down 19.4 percent--with a 40 percent loss in the U.S. and a slight gain (3.5 percent) overseas.


  • Sales of $15.0 Billion Decreased 0.7% Versus 2009 Third-Quarter
  • EPS of $1.23 increased 2.5% Versus 2009 Third-Quarter

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Johnson & Johnson ($JNJ) - Big Pharma's Q3 2010 Earnings Report

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