Johnson & Johnson

Total: $57.3 million

Top 2 drugs
Xarelto: $42 million
Stelara: $13.2 million
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J&J didn't advertise a lot in the first half of 2013, but it backed two new drugs that have been coming on strong for it. Both its psoriasis drug Stelara and its anticoagulant Xarelto have done so well they were recently featured in FiercePharma's Top 15 Drug Launch Superstars. Stelara sales in the first half were $717 million, up 53% from the same time last year, while sales of Xarelto, which it shares with Bayer, grossed $347 million for J&J. That is more than a 355% jump from the $76 million sold in the same period the year before. Both drugs also figured prominently in J&J's third-quarter earnings, when pharmaceutical sales overall were up nearly 10%.

Johnson & Johnson

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