Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson
Social media engagement score: 70
Facebook fans: Johnson & Johnson, 595,953; Johnson's Baby, 1.15 million, Nursing Notes by J&J, 156,914
Twitter followers: @JNJNews, 53,978; @JNJCares, 25,111, @JanssenUK, 5,542; @JanssenUS, 1,652
YouTube subscribers: J&J Health, 8,626

Johnson & Johnson ($JNJ) is way ahead of every other company on this list. Credit the well-known J&J brand for part of that. The company has operated under the J&J name since 1886, and many of its products have been around, in one form or another, for decades. In some cases, more than a century; Johnson's Baby Powder rolled out in 1894. Its brands are consumer-goods icons--Band-Aid, Johnson & Johnson Baby Shampoo. And because consumer health advertising is far less regulated than DTC pharma promotions, J&J could forge ahead in social media while its pharma rivals waited on the sidelines.

Johnson & Johnson wished its many followers a Happy New Year on its Facebook page.

On Facebook ($FB), J&J's main page has almost 600,000 users on its "Like" list. It's as much a health-information service as a company page, with product-related links salted into parenting tips, exercise advice and public health news, rather than the other way around. Not surprisingly, the drugs mentioned by name--Zyrtec, Tylenol, AcuVue--are over-the-counter brands. For prescription drugs, the site takes a safe disease-awareness approach. For instance, J&J posts links to videos about prostate cancer, but those videos don't mention its prostate cancer pill Zytiga.

On Twitter, J&J's most active account is @JNJNews, aimed at the media. Press releases, live tweets from conferences, earnings announcements and links to journal articles are the standard fare. Its pharma-focused feed, @JanssenUS, also focuses on media, with more science-oriented news. Tweets often include links to new data on its drugs and drug prospects.

It's also worth mentioning that Johnson & Johnson has a whopping 2.96 million "Likes" for its Care Inspires Care Facebook page, and even more--3.5 million--for a Spanish-language version, El Cariño Inspira Cariño.

All these followers translate into a lot of conversation, compared with other companies on the list. On average, J&J's Facebook posts each win almost 590 likes, with the next in line--GlaxoSmithKline ($GSK)--at about 160. Its tweets are retweeted 6.3 times on average, compared with 5.9 for Merck ($MRK). And on YouTube, J&J's posts generate about 23 user comments on average. All of that adds up to the engagement score of 70.

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Johnson & Johnson