Johnson & Johnson - The 12 greenest companies in biopharma

Johnson & Johnson

2009 figures

CO2 emissions: 891,000 metric tons (963,000 in 2008)
Water Intake/Use: Use: 10.8M cubic meters (11.5M)
Hazardous Waste: 24M kg (29.4M)
Nonhazardous Waste: 42.2M kg (51.7M)
Energy: 12.77B British thermal units (Btu)* (13.32B)

*3412 Btu/kWh

Last fall, the healthcare giant turned on a 4.1-megawatt array of 13,500 sun-tracking solar panels. The array produces about enough power to run 600 homes for a year; about 70 percent of the site's annual electricity needs. J&J reportedly has solar-energy systems planned or operating at 20 sites worldwide.

J&J makes it into the top 10 of the EPA's list of green power partners using the most renewable electricity. The partnership's top purchasers use more than 12 billion kilowatt-hours of green power annually.

And J&J has no reservations about casting its sustainability ambitions across the supply chain. Holding purse strings of $30 billion per year for supplies and services, J&J sets sustainability expectations through its Procurement Sustainability Initiative. The initiative breaks down procurement efforts into 13 categories, setting performance expectations for each that it expects its suppliers to maintain.

Johnson & Johnson - The 12 greenest companies in biopharma