John Martin - Gilead Sciences

John Martin
Chairman and CEO, Gilead Sciences
Total Compensation:
$15.257 million

Professional Profile: John Martin, 61, is a University of Chicago chemist and a Golden State University MBA specializing in marketing. He started his professional career at Syntex in 1978 and left there for Bristol-Myers Squibb ($BMY) in 1984. At BMS, he served as director of antiviral chemistry and then jumped ship in 1990 to be Gilead's ($GILD) vice president for R&D. By 1996, he had become CEO and president. Since 2008, he's been chairman and CEO. Earlier this year, he made FiercePharma's list of the 25 most influential people in biopharma.

Compensation Breakdown: $1.49 million base salary for 2012, with $4.95 million in stock awards and $5.433 million in options, $3.38 million in incentive pay, and $7,500 in other compensation.

Company Performance: Gilead had a big year in 2012. The company's long-awaited four-in-one HIV pill, Stribild, finally won FDA approval. Also known as the "Quad," Stribild was widely hailed by analysts as a future blockbuster. Its $28,000-a-year price tag, meanwhile, drew fire from AIDS patient advocates. The company's older HIV fighter Truvada won a landmark nod from the FDA for preventive use in high-risk populations. And Gilead's huge bet on Pharmasset's oral hepatitis C therapy, snapped up in an $11 billion deal in late 2011, began to look more prescient as data piled up in its favor. (In fact, by April of this year, Gilead had asked the FDA to approve hep C blockbuster hopeful sofosbuvir.) Gilead ended 2012 with a 16% increase in sales to $9.4 billion, boosted by double-digit growth in its AIDS drugs. If sofosbuvir wins FDA approval, Gilead could be adding another $2 billion in blockbuster sales in 2014.

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John Martin - Gilead Sciences