Jeffrey Kindler - 2010 CEO Pay

Jeffrey Kindler - Pfizer

Jeffrey Kindler, Pfizer CEO

Total Compensation: $24.7 million

Details: Pfizer execs did particularly well this year, with both Jeffrey Kindler and Ian Read receiving significant raises. Kindler's 2010 compensation rose to $24.7 million, nearly $10 million higher than 2009's $14.9 million payday. Despite suddenly leaving the company in early December, Kindler received $4.9 million in "other compensation," as well as $3.2 million in non-executive incentive pay and $9 million in stock options, in part due to the Wyeth purchase under his tenure.

Kindler's successor, Ian Read, received a nearly $8 million raise, thanks to his new title, with his 2010 total pay topping off at $17.4 million (we elected to hold off including Read until next year, but we're sure he'll make the 2011 list).

The Pfizer executive salaries--as well as that of Johnson & Johnson's Bill Weldon--has drawn the ire of workers' unions, who called for a vote against the paychecks at company annual meetings this week.

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Jeffrey Kindler - 2009 CEO Pay

Jeffrey Kindler - 2010 CEO Pay