Insulet's OmniPod

Company: Insulet ($PODD)
Device: OmniPod
Drug delivered: insulin

Why it's important: In the valuable diabetes market, one delivery device making headway is Insulet's next-gen OmniPod, the combination lightweight insulin pump and wireless glucometer. With FDA approval notched earlier this year, the first-of-its-kind tubing-free pump offers continuous glucose monitoring in a sleek design.

Having worked together with DexCom ($DXCM) since 2008, Insulet went its own way just before the FDA approved the OmniPod. But with its new, undisclosed partner, Insulet could make a run at Medtronic ($MDT); the company's Paradigm is the only other integrated insulin pump and glucose monitor currently on the market. Insulet's tubeless version, though, could be the one to watch.

By offering a more seamless alternative to traditional insulin pumps, the newest OmniPod has the potential to make a dent this year in the valuable diabetes market.

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Insulet's OmniPod

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