GlaxoSmithKline - Big Pharma's Q2 2010 Earnings Report

FiercePharma says: GlaxoSmithKline announced a $2.36 billion charge to second-quarter earnings, to cover the cost of resolving several legal problems including the Avandia settlement, but also a $750 million deal to dispose of a U.S. manufacturing investigation.


  • Q2 sales £7.0 billion (level); progress in diversification strategy offsets US decline.
  • H1 total sales £14.4 billion (+7%); sales excluding pandemic products +1%
  • Sustained pipeline delivery and development of portfolio.
  • Ongoing efforts to resolve long-standing legal cases; pre-announced Q2 legal charge of £1.57 billion
  • Continued focus on cost control and strong cash generation.

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Full release: GSK's earnings release

GlaxoSmithKline - Big Pharma's Q2 2010 Earnings Report

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