Employees 2013: 99,451
Employees 2012: 99,488
% Change: -0.04
Revenues 2013: $44.14 billion
Revenues per employee 2013: $443,897

Following a tough year in 2012, CEO Andrew Witty warned that GlaxoSmithKline ($GSK) would need to trim its workforce in Europe, where revenues had fallen 7%. But when the books were cleared for 2013, employment at the largest U.K.-based drugmaker had barely budged, down 37 employees for the year.

Witty is one of the more progressive CEOs in Big Pharma, so for folks who work there, GSK is an evolving place. It started trying out some of his new ideas last year, having become more open with research data for one. It has scrapped its prescription-based incentive pay globally in favor of rewards for things like feedback from doctors, and it is limiting payments to individual doctors who hired on to speak about its products.

Some analysts think the drugmaker has one of the better pipelines in the industry, and it did manage to get some important drugs approved last year. That included Anoro Ellipta, the first of a new class of COPD cocktails to be approved in the U.S., combining a long-acting beta agonist with a long-acting muscarinic antagonist. GSK is counting on it to help overcome the huge revenue shortfall that is building from the loss of patent protection on Advair, which rakes in more than $7 billion a year and accounts for close to 20% of its total sales.

But for all of the new ideas being tried out and their potential, GSK is currently defined as the company at the center of a bribery scandal in China. The case has already led to criminal charges against Mark Reilly, the British executive who once ran the company's Chinese operation.

Of course after its announcement in April of a three-part transaction to sell its oncology portfolio to Novartis ($NVS), buy most of the Swiss drugmaker's vaccine biz and combine their consumer operations, the employment number at GSK should be pretty different when the books are closed out this year.

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